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6 – Interpretation of Al cattle number of verses 165 ( verses 1-25 )
It Makiya

{1 , 2}, { name of God the Merciful Praise be to God who created the heavens and the earth and made the darkness and the light , and then those who disbelieved in their Lord adjust * is the one who created you from clay , then spent a term for him then you تمترون }

This tell all praise and praise him attributes of perfection , grandeur and majesty epithets in general, and especially on these things mentioned . Glorified himself created the heavens and the earth , the function Kamal ability , and the capacity of his knowledge and his mercy, and the general wisdom, and lead at creation and management , and to make it darkness and light , so a comprehensive voluptuous , it كالليل and day, and the sun and the moon. And moral , Kzlmat ignorance , suspicion , and polytheism, and sin , and negligence, and the light of science and faith, and certainty, and obedience, and all of this , speaks volumes conclusively that the Almighty, is due for worship, and devotion debt to him, and with this guide and clarity of proof { then those who disbelieved in their Lord adjust } no adjust else , Aswonhm him in worship and veneration , with they did not يساووا the God in everything from perfect , they are the unable ناقصون the poor in every way .

{ Is the one who created you from clay } and creating Madtkm and Father Adam , peace be upon him . { Then spent term } ie : hit for the duration of your stay in this house – term , your him and Ttnon , and Tbthelon including sends you His Messengers . { That He may try which of you is best in } Aamrkm what it remembers to remember . { And indefinite have one } : Hereafter , which subjects to move from this house , Vijazém their work of good and evil .

{ Then } full with this statement and cut argument { You تمترون } ie: ye shall promised God and Oaidh , and the occurrence of the penalty on the Day of Resurrection .

He said God darkness combining , the large number of materials and the diversity of the tread . And united the light of the fact that the conductive path to God and one does not multiplicity , namely : path containing the right knowledge and to him , as he says: that this صراطي straight , follow him and do not follow ways فتفرق to you about him }

{ 3} { He is Allah in the heavens and in the earth knows سركم and جهركم and knows what تكسبون the }

Any : It المألوه idol in the heavens and the earth, Wahl heaven and earth , Mtabdon to their Lord, are subject to the greatness , Mcetkanon to the glory and majesty , close angels , prophets and messengers , and righteous , and the martyrs and the righteous .

It Almighty knows سركم and جهركم and knows what تكسبون the , فاحذروا the sins and Argboa in its that Tqrbakm the works , and Tdnickm of mercy, and beware of every work Abadkm it and mercy .

{ 4-6 } { and come upon them from the verse of the Lord, but they used them vulnerable * has lied to the right of what came to them will come to them news of what they used to ridicule * Did not see how we spoiled by them than a century establish them in the earth unless we empower you and sent sky they مدرارا and made rivers are beneath them Vohlknahm their sins , and we set up after them , other centuries }

This tell Him about the reluctance of the infidels, and the severity of تكذيبهم and enmity , and they do not benefit those verses even solve their Almtlat , he said: {And come upon them from the verse of the Lord } function on the right denote conclusive, calling them to his followers and acceptance { but they reported vulnerable } do not throw her not , do not listen have heard , have left their hearts to others , their Oloha backs .

{ Has lied to the right when it comes to them } and the right to right to follow , and thank God for facilitating them, and its إتيانهم , Vkabloh بضد what to see him Fasthakoa severe punishment. { ‘ll Come to them news of what they used to ridicule } ie: you’ll see what mocked him , it is right and honesty , and shows God مكذبين lies and Afterahm , and they mocked the resurrection and heaven and hell , if doomsday was told مكذبين : { this fire which ye them deny }

He says: {And swore in God effort their faith does not inspire God to die wear and except it really is , but most people do not know to show them who disagree with it , and to teach those who disbelieve, because they were liars }, and then ordered them to be considered Nations above said: { Did not they see how We destroyed before them, century } ie : km Relay Ahlakena Nations rejecters , and Omhlnahm before depreciation , that { establish them in the land , unless we empower } for these funds , boys and prosperity.

{ We sent the sky they مدرارا and made rivers are beneath them } Fanept them to do what God willing, of Cereals and fruits , enjoy, and eat them what they desire , did not thank God for the blessing , but turned on the desires, and the gods kinds of pleasures , Fjathm Messengers with clear proofs , film يصدقوها , but ردوها and Kzboha Vohlkhm God sins and established { centuries after them others }

This year God and beast , in subsequent ex Nations , فاعتبروا including Cut God upon you Nbohm .

{ 7-9 } { if we got you a book in Ply فلمسوه hands of those who disbelieve This is nothing but obvious magic * and told not sent down to him king even revealed belong to spent it then do not look * even made ​​it the property of made ​​it a man and بسنا them what they wear }

This telling of God’s messenger for the severity of stubbornness of the unbelievers, and it is not تكذيبهم to deficits جئتهم , nor the ignorance of them do so , but the injustice of punk, does the trick for you in it, he said: { even if we got you a book in Ply فلمسوه hands } and Tiguenoh { for those who disbelieve unjustly } Exalt { this is nothing but obvious magic }

What the greatest evidence of this evidence, and this heinous saying , where the perceived Cabroa which can not be from a minimum Miska from the mind of him ? “

{ And said } also intransigent based on ignorance , and lack of science Palmacol . { Not for the king sent down to him } : Hala was revealed with Muhammad king , supported and assisted on what it is they claim that human beings , and that the message of God , can only be done at the hands of the angels .

God said in a statement his mercy and kindness towards His slaves , where they sent them to be human beings believe in what he brought, informed consent and insight, and was buried . { Had We sent down a king } our mission , he faith does not come from knowledge of the truth, but had faith testimony , which does not work something alone , that if believed, and often they do not believe in this case , if they did not believe wiped it accelerated destruction on them and not their eyes , because this year God, the one who asked verses proposed did not believe in , Sending Apostle human them verses evidence, that God knows they are the fittest of slaves , and enclose them with the grace of God for the unbelievers and rejecters better for them and more beneficial , Aftlbhm to take down the king evil to them if they knew , however, the king if revealed to them, and sent, has not receive Aticoa him , not احتملوا the , in Otagueth the forces mortal .

{ If thee king made ​​it } because the wise man does not require just that. { And we have borne them what they wear } ie : it was , mixed them , and Mbosa the due what بسوه on themselves, they built instructed on this rule in which the confusion , the lack of a statement right.

Then when he came right , بطرقه the right , and the rules are the rules , that was not guiding them, if you do guided others, guilt and guilt , where they shut themselves Hoda door , and opened the doors of misguidance.

{ 10 , 11 } { Mocked were messengers from you encompassed those mocked them what they mocked him * Tell Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those }

God says to amused His Messenger and Msbera , the and Mtahedda his enemies and threatening . { Mocked were messengers from you } when they came their nations based , كذبوهم and mocked them and what they came . Vohlkhm God so disbelief and denial , and in them from a fuller share of suffering . { Encompassed those mocked them what they were doing mocked } فاحذروا , – O Almkzbon – you keep on Tkvepkm , Faisepkm what they have suffered.

The Chkktm in it, or ارتبتم , Walk in the earth, and see , how was the end of those , you will not find , but some people Mhlkin , and nations in Almtlat Talvan , you may Oouhst them homes, and not of those الربوع all tamattu pleased descending , أبادهم King Jabbar , was their children a lesson for men of sight . This walk enjoined , functioning hearts and chilling , which it is generated account . But just look is considered , it does not help anything.

{ 12} { tell is what is in the heavens and the earth , Say to God himself wrote mercy Ijmankm to the Day of Judgment is no doubt who lost themselves , they do not believe }

God says to His Prophet peace be upon him { tell } these idolaters in God , scheduled for them and binding monotheism : { who is in the heavens and the earth } : From the creator of it , his owner , the assigned ?

{ } Say to them: { God } are coupled so do not deny it , do you not when God confessed alone the king and measure , to recognize his dedication and uniformity ? ” .

And saying { wrote on the same compassion } ie: the world’s top and bottom under his kingdom and manageable , which the Almighty may extend them mercy and kindness , and Ngmayorm mercy and gratitude , and books on the same book that his mercy overcome his anger , and the tender love him of prevention , and that God may open to all subjects the gates of mercy , if not shut them down in their iniquity , and invited them to , if not prevent them from request sins and flaws , and saying { to Ijmankm the Day of Judgment is no doubt } this section of it , which is truer informants, has established the so arguments and evidence , what makes it right sure, but my father wrong but Gehoda , and denied God ‘s ability to sent creatures , Vodawa the sins , and dared to infidelity , Fajsroa worldly and أخراهم , but this, he said : { who have lost themselves , they do not believe }

{ 13-20 } { has what dwelt in the night and the day the umbrella * Tell change God took the crown Creator of the heavens and the earth, which feed and feed Say I am commanded to be the first of the safest not be among the idolaters * Say I fear that disobey my Lord Awful Day * From distract him that day have mercy and so win shown * The touches God بضر no reagent him but He even touches fine is over all things * he is the Omnipotent over His slaves he is the Wise expert * Say anything larger certificate Say Allah is between me and you and revealed to me this Quran to warn you and hit it that ye testify that with God , other gods Say not certify Say but is one God and I am innocent which تشركون * who have given them the Book know him as they know their children who have lost themselves , they do not believe }

I know that the this Sura stones , may be included on the report of the consolidation , with all the evidence and mental transferred , but almost all be in uniformity would argue idolaters God rejecters of His Messenger.

These verses , Allah as evidenced by Huda , and Enqma it shirk. Stated that { him } Almighty what dwelt in the night and the day } and so is the creatures all, of Adamaha , and Jnha , and Mlaúktha , and animals and Jmadadtha , everyone create Mudbron , and slaves Mschron to their Lord great , omnipotent owner, Is it correct in the mind and transfer , to worship of these Mamluks , which does not benefit has Khader not ? And leaves devotion to the creator , mastermind of the owner , harmful beneficial ? ! Or sound minds , and straight -Fitr , calls for the dedication of worship , love, and fear , and please God, the Lord of the Worlds ? ! .

{ Hearing } to all voices , different languages ​​, needs Btfnn . { Knower of what was , what is , what if it’s not how it is , is familiar with the phenomena and Albwatun of ? ! .

{ Say } to those polytheists God : { change God took the crown } of these creatures unable Atulana , and Anasrna ? ! .

Not taken without meaning and Leah , because Creator of the heavens and the earth , any : Khalgahma and the Mdbarhama . { A feed and feed } ie: a Razzaq for all of creation, is needed Him to them , how fitting that I take the crown is the creator Razzaq, rich Hamid ? ” Say I am commanded to be the first of the safest } God monotheism and Rescue him obedience , for I am the first from someone else ‘s compliance Lord commands .

{And do not be among the idolaters : and also forbidden , that I am not of the idolaters , not in their belief , nor in مجالستهم , nor in their meeting , this hypothesis impose Ali , and enjoined duties .

Say I am afraid that disobey my Lord Awful Day } the sin polytheism had to eternity in the fire, and mighty wrath . And that day is the day you afraid of punishment , and warns punishment ; exchange because of his agony that day it is late , and survived it really is a winner , as that part of it did not survive the deceased mobster .

Among the evidence unification , he says solo disclose bad, and bring goodness and good times . To this he said : { if touches Allah بضر } of poverty , disease , or indigestion , or cloud , or they or so. { Not detector for him , but is even touches okay is over all things } If harmful beneficial alone , is the one who deserves to be singled out slavery and the divine .

{ He is the Omnipotent over His slaves } do not act them acting , nor moving wheelchair, does not dwell dwell , but His will , and not for kings and others out of his kingdom and his authority, but they are Mudbron مقهورون , if he is omnipotent and other مقهورا , it was due to the cult.

{ He is the Wise } as ordered by Noha , banyan , and punished , and with the creation of fate. { } Expert familiar with the beds and pronouns and things of things, and all of this of uniformity evidence .

{ } Say to them – what Pena guidance for them , and we explained to them tract -: { anything larger certificate } on this great asset . Say God } largest certificate , it { martyr me and you } is not greater than a certificate, not the largest , which testify of me adoption by and done , Fikrna on what I said to you, as he says { even tell us some gossip for taking him to his right hand, and then to come his life artery } God is wise things, not worthy of his wisdom and his ability to recognize a liar him , claiming that God sent him did not send him , and that God commanded him to invite creation did not tell him , and that God has permitted him the blood of goes against it , and their money and their wives , which is , however, believed adoption by and doing , Faaadh what he said impressive miracles , and the verses phenomenon, and support him , and let down and violated by Habits , any : Certificate of greater than this certificate? “

And saying : This has been revealed to the Koran to warn you It amounted } any and God revealed this Quran to منفعتكم and your best interests , to warn you of the painful punishment . And Alnmarh but the remembrance of what ينذرهم do, from carrots , intimidation, and the statement of work , and the words, outward and inward , which is carried out , it has before Alnmarh , this is the Koran, which Alnmarh you, Almkhatabon , and anyone who reached the Koran to the Day of Resurrection , the the statement all you need to divine demands .

As among exalted his testimony that is the largest certification on unification , he said : Say to those opposed to the news of God , and the rejecters apostles { that ye testify that with God , other gods Say No witness } ie : if witnessed , not seeing them .

Vozn between a certificate believe those who say , Lord of the Worlds, and a certificate of purity of creation pro substantiated unequivocal and arguments bright , the unification of Allah alone with no partner, and a certificate of the people of shirk , who Marjt minds and religions , spoiled views and morals , and Odgoa themselves wise .

It violated the testimony Aftarham , and contradicted their statements to prove that with God other gods , even though it is not based on what they said lower suspicion , as well as arguments , and choose for yourself ie: certificates , if you prudence , we choose for ourselves what chosen by God to His Prophet , who commanded by God بالاقتداء him , he said : Say it is one God } : solo , not worth slavery and divine else , as it solo and moral character of the measure .

{ I am innocent than تشركون } , idols , peer , and all that it engaged with God. This fact unification, proof of the divine God and deny what else.

As between his testimony and His Messenger, uniformity , and a certificate of infidels who are not aware they have against him , he said that the people of the book of the Jews and Christians . { Know } ie: know the health of uniformity { as they know their children } ie : There is no doubt they have a large , and they do not suspect their children , especially boys lieutenants mostly for their parents.

And is likely to return to the conscience of the Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him , and the people of the book does not suspect his health nor Imitron , because they Bisharat , and Naute that apply to it and no other suitable , and concerned in hand .

Saying { who lose themselves } any : Votoh what created him, of faith and monotheism, and حرموها credited King Majid { They do not believe } If there is no faith in them , please ask for الخسار and evil, who gets them .

{ 21} { It is unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah or rejects His signs that he did not succeed unjust }

Ie: not the greatest injustice and stubborn , who was the one of the labels , so how about if they met , slander lying to God, or disbelief His signs , that came out mailers , this darker people , and the wrongdoer never succeed .

Included in this , both lied to God , claiming his partner and Owain , or claimed that they should be worshiped other took his Self or child , and all of the right response , which came by the Apostles , or has their place .

{ 22-24 } { on all Nhacarham then say to those who have been involved where your partners who you claim * Then were فتنتهم only that they said , Lord God what we were heathens * see how they lied to the themselves deities released what they invent }

Allaah tells us about the fate of the people of shirk on the Day of Resurrection , and they ask Aoboukon said to them { Where your partners who you claim } any that God does not have a partner , but on the face of the claim and slander them . { Then were not فتنتهم } ie : their answer , while not tested and test this question, but denying to shirk and حلفهم they what they were heathens . { See } amusingly them and their conditions { how they lied to themselves } ie : falsely deny returned Balkhsar on themselves and Dharhm – and God – very damage { deities released what they invent } partners Zaamohm with God , the Almighty God is far above that .

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