8 – Interpretation of Al – Anfal number of verses 75 ( verse 26-52 ) It is a civilian

تفسير سورة الأنفال وترجمتها للغة الانجليزية

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( Verses 1-25 ) – ( verse 26-52 ) – ( Ayatollah 53-75 )

8 – Interpretation of Al – Anfal number of verses 75 ( verse 26-52 )
It is a civilian

{ 26 } And remember when you are a little vulnerable on earth are you afraid that Ataktafkm people Vawakm and أيدكم his victory and has provided for good things , that ye may be grateful .

God says grateful to worship in their victory after humiliation , Tkthearham after few , Ignaúhm after Aila .

And remember when you are a little vulnerable in the ground any : مقهورون under the rule of you and others afraid that Ataktafkm people ie : Aokhdhunkm .

Vawakm أيدكم his victory and hath provided you with good things and started countries Tawon of him, and defeated enemies on your hands , and Gnemtem of their money what you were rich.

God , that ye may be grateful for the great unfinished full and kindness , to serve him and join none with Him .

27 – 28 O ye who believe, do not betray Allah and His Messenger , nor misappropriate knowingly things entrusted to you know * And know that your possessions and your children affliction and that God has a great reward.

Ordering the Almighty believing slaves to perform what Aútmanhm God it orders and prohibitions , the Secretariat has presented God the heavens and the earth and the mountains , Fabien to carry it and أشفقن them and carry them rights that he was Unjust Jholovemn led the Secretariat deserved from God reward you very much , and did not Aadha but betrayed deserved punishment gravis , and became a traitor to God and the Messenger and secretariat , Menksa the same being characterized himself Bokhos the qualities, uglier Heat , which treason Mvuta the her fuller qualities and most complete , and the Secretariat .

As the slave examiner his money and his children, may carry the love , so to provide the same hue on the performance of its secretariat, told God that funds and boys strife plague God their slaves, and they bare will lead to those who gave it , and respond to those who Astodaha and that God has a great reward

If it is your mind and say , فآثروا great bounty on the thrill of small ephemeral impaired , Vaql balance between things , affects first is altruism , Ahgaha submitters .

29 O ye who believe, fear Allah, makes you Vriqana and atone for you deeds and forgive you and God’s bounty.

Slave compliance with piety Rabbo happiness address , and the farmer , God has arranged the piety of good in this world and the Hereafter, nothing too much , he recalled here that from those who fear God happened to him four things, each and every one of them is better than the world and everything in it :

I: Criterion : a knowledge and guidance by the author differentiates between guidance and misguidance , and right and wrong, and halal and haram , and people of the happiness of the people miserable .

Second and third : atonement deeds , and forgiveness of sins , and every one of them inside in the other at all when meeting explains the expiation of sins trespasses trivial things , and forgiveness of sin stamped sins .

IV: great reward and reward thanks for those Atqah the impact of satisfaction on the same hue . And God’s bounty

30 Taking your plotted those who disbelieve to يثبتوك or kill or يخرجوك and plots and plotted God and God the Best of Planners .

Ie: and remember , O Prophet, what of God , to you . It plotted those who disbelieve your while polytheists consultation in Dar symposium in making the Prophet peace be upon him , either Athbtoh have imprisonment Aothagoh .

And either to kill him Vestrahawwa – they claim – from evil .

And either get him and Ajloh from their homes .

Each expressed these views opinion, he saw, was agreed opinion on opinion : he saw Hariarham Abu Jahl curse of God , which is to take from each tribe Quraish boy and give him a sword strict, and kill everyone killers of one man, to disperse his blood in the tribes. فيرضى Banu Hashim [ then ] Bdih , not afford to resist the rest of , Quraish , Ftersdoa the of the Prophet peace be upon him in the night to sign him if the bed .

Suddenly revelation from heaven , and came out them , Vdhir the dirt on their heads and came out, and God blinded their eyes with him , even if Astbtaoh came to them to come and said : Khipkm God , has come out Mohamed Odhir on your head dirt .

فنفض them all the dirt on his head, and to prevent God’s Messenger of them , and authorized him to emigrate to the city, migrated to, and supported by God with his companions immigrants and supporters , not still his mount even entered Mecca by force, and conquering people, Vozanoa him and became under his rule , after it came out مستخفيا of them , scared himself.

Glory Latif Babdh who do not Agalbh Mgalb .

31 – 34 and saying: If recited to them Our Signs, they said we had heard if we want to we like this This is nothing but tales of the ancients * Having said O Allah if this is right from Thee , rain down on us stones from heaven or send us a grievous penalty * And Allah will punish them and you in them and was God معذبهم they seek forgiveness *

To them God not punish them and they (men) from the Grand Mosque and were close friends can be its guardians except the righteous , but most of them do not know.

Allah says in a statement stubbornness rejecters of the Prophet peace be upon him : and when they are recited function of the sincerity of our signs brought by the Prophet.

They have heard if we want to we like this This is nothing but tales of the ancients and that of their stubbornness and their oppression , but God has challenged them to come sura or the like , and let managed without God, they could not , it shows their inability .

This is to say of this view is just a suit, lie fact, it has learned that peace be upon him my mother does not read or write , nor gone to study News from the first two, he came to this book Galilee, which is not done wrong in the hands of his successor , download from the wise Hamid .

Having said Oh God , this was called for Muhammad is the Truth from Thee , rain down on us stones from heaven or send us a grievous penalty they said on the face of say with whom Bbatalhm , and what needs to be ignorance of the speech.

If they have it set up on the falsehood of similarities and التمويهات the enjoined them to be on the insight and certainty of it , said those Nazerhm and claimed that right with him: if this is the right of have his Vahdna , was first to them and Aster wronged .

Since they said: O Allah if this is the right of your own verse, aware as soon as they say they are foolish stupid , ignorant people wrong , if Aajlhm God’s punishment of what kept them remain, but the Almighty pay their torment because of the presence of the Prophet between أظهرهم , he said: And Allah will punish them and you including His presence peace be upon him between a secure أظهرهم them from purgatory.

They were saying this article Azarunha on publicly headers , know Bakbhaa they , were afraid of the fact them , Vistghafron God Almighty Vlhma he says: What was God معذبهم they seek forgiveness

This inhibitor prevents the occurrence of torment them, after what took place causes and then said: and they shall not punish them God ie: anything that prevents them from punishment of God , has done what requires it, which repel people from the Grand Mosque, especially repulsed the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions , who are the first of them, but this, he said : what were any : polytheists close friends likely that due to the conscience of God, ie: guardians of God . likely to return to the Sacred Mosque , ie: what were the first of others . The guardians except the righteous are those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, and Avrdoa God monotheism , worship, and sincere in his religion . But most of them do not know therefore claimed for themselves is the first others .

35 and the prayer at the House only Mca and clapping فذوقوا punishment because you disbelieved .

Means that God only made his Grand to be held in which religion, and rid him where worship, believers are the ones who carried out this command, but these polytheists who debar him , what was their prayers in it which is the largest types of worship except Mca and clapping ie: hissing and applause , the act of unthinking fools, who do not in their hearts to maximize their Lord , do not know their rights , no respect for the best Bekaa and Ocharfha , If these links in it, how can the rest of worship ? ” .

In what : they were the first thing this House of believers who are humble in their prayers , and those who are idle at risk , the last thing he described God of good qualities , and good deeds .

No offense Oorthhm God his home land, and enabled them to him , and said to them after what enabled them O ye who believe , but the polytheists unclean not offer unto the Sacred Mosque after this year and said here فذوقوا the punishment that ye disbelieved

36-37 Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to يصدوا for a way God فسينفقونها then be they heartbreak then يغلبون and those who disbelieve, to be gathered unto Hell * God to distinguish bad from the good and makes some of malignant some فيركمه the all فيجعله in hell those are the losers .

God says noting the enmity of the infidels and guile and cunning , and Mbarzathm God and His Messenger , and their quest to extinguish the light and put out his word, and that Pal plots will return them, nor wracking cunning bad , but his family , he said: Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to يصدوا from the path of God : for hindered right ينصروا falsehood, and invalidate the consolidation Rahman , and the religion of worshiping idols .

Vsinfqunha any : Vsasdron this alimony, and fear them for their adherence to vanities, and the intensity of hatred to the right, but they will be heartbreak , ie: remorse , shame and humiliation and يغلبون going their money and what they hoped , and tortured more torment in the Hereafter . To this he said: And those who disbelieve to be gathered unto Hell no : collecting it, to taste the torment , because they Dar malice and malicious , and God wants to distinguish malignant from the good , and makes each one individually , and in Dar own, making the malignant one on another , business and money and people. Vermh all فيجعله in hell those are the losers who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection , not is looser shown .

38 – 40 Say to those who disbelieve that if they cease forgive them what has already although longer has year since the first two * And fight them until persecution is no more , and religion is all for Allah if they desist, then God what they Basir * If they know that Allah is your Protector, yes Mawla and yes protagonist .

This kindness Almighty slaves does not stop him Kafr slaves and their continued obstinacy, that invite them to the path of Rashad and guidance , and ينهاهم what يهلكهم of the reasons was canceled and death the , he said: Say to those who disbelieve that if they cease all disbelief and that Islam Allah alone with no partner .

Forgive them what has already them of crimes and return to their disbelief and stubbornness has year since the first two بإهلاك Nations المكذبة , Vlintzeroa what happened Balmaandin , you’ll come to them news of what they used to mock him , then his speech to the مكذبين , and the speech of the faithful when he ordered them to the treatment of the unbelievers , he said: And fight them until persecution is no more any : trap and repel from the path of God, and bow to the provisions of Islam, and religion is all for Allah , this meant fighting and jihad for the enemies of religion, to pay their evil religion , and يذب about the religion of the God who created mankind to him , so be it high over all other religions .

If they desist from what they are from the injustice of God Seer of what they do not hide it hidden from them .

If they all obedience أوضعوا in Aladhaah know that Allah is your Protector, yes Lord , who is believing slaves , and connects them their own interests , and facilitate them their religious and worldly benefits . Yes, the protagonist , who make them victorious , فيدفع them Kid ungodly , desperate villains.

It was God his master and Nazareth, there is no fear of him , and God it was not Ezz him nor his list .

Saadi Part X of the 41 Al – Anfal to repent 92

{ 41-42 } { And know that Gnemtem of something the God five for the messenger and the one who kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer , if ye have believed in Allah and sent down on عبدنا on Criterion day he met the two armies and God over all things * as you بالعدوة the world, and بالعدوة maximum and knees down you even Twaadtm the to Achtfattm in the Promised but to serve God is the effect was to destroy all evidence and perished live from the neighborhood for evidence and Allah is Hearing, Knowing }

The Almighty says : { And know that Gnemtem } any thing : you have received money forcibly against the infidels , whether it is a little or a lot . { The God five } ie: and remain unto you, Alganmon , because he spoils them, and remove them one-fifth . Indicates that the rest to them, is divided on what divided the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : the footmen shares, and Knight سهمان to his horse , and share it.

But this five , dividing the five stocks , shares God and His Messenger , distracted in the interests of the Muslim public , is set for a reason, because God made ​​him and His Messenger, and Allah and His Messenger غنيان him, he knew that the servants of God . If you do not appoint him God banks, indicated that his bank the public interest .

The second five : one who kin , and they nearly Prophet , peace be upon him from the Bani Hashim and Bani requirement. God and add to the evidence that kinship cause it just kinship , Festua which rich and poor, mentioned Onthahm .

And the third five orphans , and who lost their parents when they are young , God made them five five mercy of their own , where they were unable to do their own interests , one who has lost their interests.

The fourth five for the poor , ie: the needy poor young and old , male and female .

And five fifth for the wayfarer , a stranger interrupted him in is his own , and some commentators say that the five Booty does not come out for these varieties does not need to be in it on both , but it was followed by interest and this is the first and God made the performance of the five face a requirement of the faith , he said: { if ye have believed in Allah and sent down on عبدنا on the Criterion } a { Badr } day which God difference between right and wrong. And showed the right and invalidated falsehood .

{ Day the two armies met } Muslims gathering , collecting the disbelievers , ie: if your faith in God , and the truth that is revealed by God to His Messenger on Criterion , who got it from the verses and the evidence , what proves that what was done is right. {And Allah has power over all things } Agalbh not only a drop .

{ As You بالعدوة the minimum } any : بعدوة of the valley near the city, They Badute : remote part of the city , has Jmekm Wade one.

{ Behind } who did you go out to his request , and God wanted other { below you, } which follows the sea coast.

{ If Twaadtm } you and them to this description in this case { Achtfattm in the Promised } ie : we must provide or delayed or choose a house , or otherwise , putting you or them , Asdvkm Miedkm

{But } God Jmekm on this case { serving God is the effect } ie : estimated time immemorial, there must be hindsight .

{ To destroy all perished aware } ie : to be aware of the argument Maand , selects disbelief on insight and Boots struck down , leaving him an excuse when God .

{ Live from the neighborhood aware } ie: getting insured insight and certainty , including bi see God of evidence truth and Brahinh , what is the ticket for men of understanding .

{ And Allah is Hearing, Knowing } listens to all voices , different languages ​​, to sophisticated needs , education and pronouns phenomena and beds , and the unseen and the certificate.

{ 43-44 } { as Arikem God in Mnamk little if Erakem much to fail but differ in it , but God him that he knows hearts * Taking Arakmohm since you met in your eyes a little and Ikllkm in their eyes to serve God is the effect and to God all things are returned }

God had see Messenger infidels in the vision of a small number , فبشر so his companions , Vatmont the hearts and ascertained their hearts .

If God Erakem them much فأخبرت so your companions { to fail but differ in the } Vmenkm command sees embarking on their fight, and you did not see it and he fell of difference and conflict requires failure.

{But God’s blessings } Vlotf you { he knows hearts } ie: including the stability and alarming , and honestly and lied , he knew God from your hearts what has become a reason for his goodness and kindness you and sincerity of vision Messenger, I see God’s faithful enemy a little in their eyes , and Ikllkm – O believers – in their eyes , all of the other communities see a few, to offer each other .

{ To serve God is the effect } of the believers and the betrayal of the unbelievers and kill their leaders and heads of misguidance of them , leaving one of them has a name mentioned, Viasr then انقيادهم when they are called to Islam, became also kinder بالباقين , who of God to them about Islam.

{ And to Allah all things are returned } ie: all other things due to the creations of God, FEMISE bad from the good , and governs the creatures fair judgment , which is not Gore nor injustice .

{ 45-49 } { O ye who believe When ye meet a force, be firm , and remember Allah much, that ye may prosper * And obey Allah and His Messenger, nor fought lest ye lose heart and your power depart and be patient God is with the patient * do not be like those who came out of their homes insolently and to be seen of men , and debar (men) from the Path of Allah, and Allah including working environment * Taking Zain them the devil their work and said not overcome you today from people I neighbor you when تراءت categories recoil on his heels and said, I am innocent of you , I see what you do not see , I fear Allah, and Allah is severe in punishment * says the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease goers these religion It trusts in God , Allah is Mighty , wise }

The Almighty says : { O ye who believe if you meet } any class : a range of infidels Tqatlkm .

{ Stand firm } to fight , and used patience and holding your breath on this big obedience , which عاقبتها the glory and victory.

Seek help in that more frequent mention of God { , that ye may prosper } ie : you realize what you ask of victory over your enemies , patience , fortitude and a lot of mention God of the biggest reasons for victory.

{ And obey Allah and His Messenger } in the use of what is , and walk behind it in all circumstances.

{ Not disputed } a conflict requires dispersion the hearts and تفرقها , { lest ye lose heart } any : Tgbnoa of { and your power depart } any : dissolve Azaúmkm , and differentiate your strength , and raise what you promised victory over obedience to Allah and His Messenger .


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