Iqra – This is the first verse revealed in the Quran.
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Quran Explorer – Interactive Audio Recitations and Translations Online
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Quran Tafseer – Urdu Audio Commentary by Maulana Abdullah Saleem

600+ Hours of Detailed Urdu Commentary on the Quran

Maulana Abdullah Saleem gave these speeches in a period of 12 years. Please take some time to lisiten this commentary which will help you to better understand the Quran InshaAllah.

Audios are divided into multiple sets (Less than 700MB – if you want to burn them to a CD), click on a link below to play the Mp3 files directly from your browser or to download them just (Right Click – Save As…) on the Download link.

Set 001 (Fatiha – Baqara)
Set 002 (Baqara – Nisa)
Set 003 (Nisa – Anam)
Set 004 (Anam – Taubah)
Set 005 (Taubah – Ra’d)
Set 006 (Ra’d – Maryam)
Set 007 (Maryam – Noor)
Set 008 (Furqan – Luqman)
Set 009 (Luqman – Suaad)
Set 010 (Suaad – Fath)
Set 011 (Fath – Talaaq)
Set 012 (Talaaq – AnNaas)


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