Description Paradise and pleasures


Description Paradise and pleasures

As stated in the paradise described unparalleled, Noor is sparkling, and Rehanavibrating, and the palace is constructed, and a steady river, and mature fruit, and a beautiful wife Belle, and analyzed many. What no eye has seen, no ear has heard northe heart of man. Abu Hurayrah may Allaah be pleased with him said: We said: OMessenger of Allah: mm created paradise? Said:” water,” we said: Tell us about thebuild paradise? Said:” brick of gold and brick of silver and Mlatha: any Tinha, muskAlozfr and soil Hbbaaha saffron, pearls and rubies, and enters enjoy nor despair, andhonors not die and do not wear out his clothes, nor corruptible his youth. And the truth of God, where he says: If you see bliss, and then I saw a great king and God hid usfrom paradise is not aware of something great minds, not up to what it might be ideas.And the gates of Paradise: eight, enters them as believers intervention of angels, the door of the doors is called Rayyan, a special Balsaúmin others do not enter it. There is a door to the abounding of prayer, and the door to Mtsedkin, and the door to the Mujahideen, has told the Prophet peace be upon him that which he spends a couplefor the sake of God is called the eight gates of Paradise, and also that wudoo be wellablution, then lifted his gaze to the sky and says: I bear witness that God but Allahalone with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God,opened his eight gates of Paradise, enters from O pleases, and there door summedGod for those Ahsab them a door of paradise right. And open the doors of paradise allin September, and in the conversations said that between bivalve from every doormarch forty years, and the committee‘s rivers and eyes and trees, palaces and light and wind, and the rivers of Paradise Vhaddtna by the Holy Prophet when he said that he saw four rivers out of their origin rivers Azahran, two Nile and Euphrates rivers, andrivers with tons two rivers in paradise. It is the rivers of Paradise Kawthar which God gave to His Messenger, and the rivers of Paradise are not waterproof, but alsoincluding water, milk, wine and honey refinery and the eyes of paradise appointedcamphor, and appointed Tasneem, there are eye called the nectar, and Paradise is notwhere the day and night, but it is a light permanently never. Ibn Taymiyah in this topic, “Paradise is not where the sun nor the moon, nor night nor day, but you know the rollerand the eve light appears before the throneand Wind paradise mist Zakia fill its shores, and this smell finds believers of the march of forty years in the paradise tree is the passenger in under which a hundred years, Prophet, and those mentioned in the arbitrator download. The tree Beatitudes: This is a great big tree made ​​clothes the people of Paradise and Paradise henna master basil stalks and trees paradise of gold.Abu Hurayrah may Allaah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: In Paradise tree is the passenger in which a hundred years does not cut it,Recite if you like,” remained elongated In Paradise what no eye has seen, no ear has heard no danger to heart Read the humans if you like, “do not learn the same as hidethem from the apple of the eyes of the verse. “But the position of whip in Paradise is better than the minimum and where, if you like Read theIt shifts from the Fire andadmitted to Paradise has won. And Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them, he said: In Paradise Howrah is said to have a game created by four things: of musk, amber and camphor, saffron, and knead Tinha water animal, said to her dear Conniewas, and all the poplar lovers have, though Bzkt at sea Bzkh to tortured seawater,written on hers: I like to have a gay action, to obey my Lord. “Mujahid said: “Land of the paradise of silver and soil Musk and assets Cjrha Silver and branches pearl andaquamarine, paper and fruit under, it is eaten standing not Aazh and eat sitting notAazh, and eat lying not Aazhthen read and surmounted Qtovha Tzlila mean roundedfruit until received by existing and swivel . Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him, said: “which revealed the book on Muhammad peace be upon him that the people of Paradise for getting beautiful and well as getting in the lower pyramid“, and Suhaibthat the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: If the income of the people of Paradise Paradise, and the people fire fire Club caller, O people of Paradise that you atGod as the date he wants to Andzkmoh, they say, what is it? pain weigh Moizinna andblanched faces and introduced paradise and brought us out of the fire? said Vekshvveil Vinzeron him in Whose hand is my soul what gave them something he loved themto consider it. “Narrated Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Gabriel came to the Prophet, peace be upon him mirror white where black joke said the Prophet, peace be upon him: O Gabriel what this mirror white? Said: this Friday andthis black humor time you are in Friday has preferred you’re out and your people on who was before you, people you where followed: I mean the Jews and the Christians,and the clock does not agrees believer asks God of good except God answered himnot Istaivh of evil but Oaazh him. said: It is our day more. said the Messenger of Allah, peace God be upon him: and on more? said: the Lord has taken a valley in Paradisewhere dune Musk if Friday is surrounded Bmnibr of light upon the prophets, andsurrounded Bmnibr of gold crowned with sapphires and aquamarine upon the righteousand the martyrs and the righteous, and go down the people of the rooms Vijlson frombehind the so dune, Vigtmon to Lord Faihmdonh and praise him God says to them:Slunj? say: We ask you satisfaction, he says: may chosen you consent judgment Dareand Onalkm my dignity, Vigely them until they see it is not on love them on Fridaywhen increase them of dignity. “Narrated in the news last: “The Almighty God says toHis angels: fed Oliaúa, Faaty colors foods ones find each of the top thrill is what they find to the other, if they emptied from the food God says to them: Asagoa Ebadi, FaatyBocherbh ones find each the same thrill unlike the other, if they emptied God says to them: I am your Lord may Sedktkm and Uday Vsalona give you some? they said: Our Lord, we ask Redwank twice or three times, he says: has chosen for you, and I have more, today the sight of the dignity of the greatest of all Vekshv veil Vinzeron him whatGod wills, Vijron him prostrate they were in prostrate what God wills, then tells them lift up your heads this is not the subject of worship, Vinson all grace where they were, andhave a look I love them all the graces, then return Vthaj Wind from under the throne on a hill of Musk White Vinther it on their heads and corners horses, if they returned their families to see them and their spouses in Hassan pomp better than their spousesTrkohn says to them: you have you turned on the best of what you are. “Ikrimah said:The people of Paradise Like unto the children of three and thirty years, their men and their wives, and tall sixty cubits the height of their father Adam, peace be upon him, the youth inventory due Mkholon them seventy suit recite every suit, every hour seventyLuna sees his face in her face: I mean in the face of his wife, in her chest and in her legand she sees her face in the face, chest and leg, nor Abzkon Eetmkhton not what wason top of that he is far from harm. “And Roy in the news that if a woman seen from the people of Paradise from her hand to the sky lit up between heaven and earth.” AndZaid bin Arqam said: A man came from the people of the book to the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said: O Abu al-Qasim Otzaam that the people of Paradise eat and drink? Said: Yes, and my hand that one of them given the strength of one hundred menin eating, drinking and sexual intercourse,” said the who eats and drinks and have aneed and a paradise good is not the harm he said, need someone sweat is Krih muskand Abu fiercest for Mattab bin named in the words of God Blessed them and goodMaab said:” Blessed are the tree in paradise, not in paradise Dara not Azlha Ghosn ofbranches where the colors of fruits, and located by a bird like an ant divination Ifcoveted one bird called him and he fell on Juanh and eat from one side Kadida andother grill then returns bird goes. “narrated from Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet peace be upon him, said:” The first clique enter the paradise of my image of the moon on the night of the full moon, and then those who follow themin the image of the most star in the sky lighting, and then after that they are on the homes do not urinate or excrete nor Abzkon not Eetmkhton, Omchathm gold andMahamram Aloe: any lute. And nominated musk and morals to create a one-man,along their father Adam (PBUH) sixty cubits. “Narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas said: TheMessenger of Allah, peace be upon him:” “The people of Paradise youths inventorydue not have hair only in the head and eyebrows the cilia eyes means they do not havepubic hair and armpit hair, the length of Adam, sixty cubits, on the birth of Jesus the son of Mary, thirty-three years old, white colors Khadr clothes puts one table betweenhis hands Tribal bird says oh Waliullah As I have drank from the eye nectar and were sponsored by Riad Paradise under the throne and ate the fruits as well as the taste ofa two cooked and taste of the other side of the roast, eats, including wills and guardianseventy suit, not the suit only on the color last, in the fingers ten last verses written on the first peace be upon you as were patient,” in the second they entered peacefullysafe In the thirdtelecom Paradise Oorthtamoha including ye In the fourth: raised yousorrows and anxieties. On the fifth: Albsnakm ornaments Blazers. At VI: Zojnakmhouris. At the seventh,” and where the desires selves and sweet to the eyes and youwill abide therein In the eighth : you agree prophets and the saints. In the ninth: yeyoung people does not Thrmon. In X: you dwell in the vicinity of it does not harm the neighbors. “Whoever wants to obtain these dignities he should attend on five things:the first is to prevent himself from all sins God said: forbade self passion, the Paradise is shelter., And the second: that satisfies a modicum of minimum because Roy in the news that the price of paradise to leave this world.” and the third to be careful acts of worship relates to all obedience to perhaps be the cause of forgiveness and the necessity of Paradise God said: that paradise that Oorthtamoha including ye in another verse reward for what they were working but obtain what obtain diligence in acts of worship. fourth: that loves the righteous and good people and Hikhalthm and Ajalshmis one of them if forgiven him intercede for his friends and his brothers also narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: more Brotherhood, each brother had been accompanied by the Day of Resurrectionand the fifth: that frequently pray andask God to give him paradise and that makes the conclusion to the good. said somewise men to rely on the minimum with what suffers from reward ignorance, but left theeffort in the business after he knew the reward deficit, albeit in Paradise comfort what it finds only did not have a comfort in this world, and where he finds not onlyindispensable to leave the curiosity of the world and restrict myself to a fraction of theminimum. “He said some of the ascetics that was eating herb and pressing of non-bread, man said to him: have been confined to this? He said, but I made ​​the minimumcommission you make minimum dustbin: means to eat good things and becomesgarbage dump, and I eat to stay obedience to Ali I am becoming to Paradise.”According to Ibrahim ibn Adham Almighty God’s mercy because he wanted to enter the bathroom Fmnah owner of the bathroom and said: Do not enter unless Pay, Ibrahimwept and said: “Oh God, not authorized me to enter the house of demons, how free me to enter the house of prophets and the saints for free.” He stated that in some of whatAllah Almighty on some prophets peace be upon them: “O son of Adam, buy fireinvaluable gal does not buy paradise cheaply“, and the interpretation of that evildoer if he wanted to take hospitality to evildoers might spend the cent or two hundred andhide it so he fire Gal buys priceless, though it has taken hospitality for God dirham ortwo dirhams him to invite some of them to the needy by the weight of it so that is the price of paradise. It was narrated from Abu Hazim said: “If heaven does not enterwhere one only to leave all of the likes of the world would have been easy in the part,even if the fire does not survive, but to assume all what he hates it would go in part,how may enter paradise by leaving part of A. part of what you love has been sparedfrom the fire to bear part of the thousand than hate. “Said Yahya bin Maaz Al-Razi:leave the very minimum and leave the paradise most of it, although the lower left Mehrparadise.” Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him, he said, “asking God Paradise three times, said Paradise God enterParadise, and whoever seeks refuge from the fire three times, said fire Oh wages ofFire, “We ask God Almighty to Agirena of fire and admit us to Paradise, and that does not deprive us of the pleasure of looking at his face with Karim faces Nadharhheadmistress, though not in paradise, only to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood andtheir congratulations to the good, how and where is where the arts dignities. It was narrated from Anas ibn Maalik, may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: In Paradise markets do not buy nor sell meet the shavedpierced Itmakron how the world and how they worship the Lord, and how the poorpeople of the world and Ogneaaha, and how death was and how we became after the length of wear and tear to Paradise and narrated trustworthy Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him, he said:” people react all path and Oroadhm carrying around the fireand then passing on the path to their work, some of them passes like lightning and some of them goes like the wind and some of them passing like a bird, Some of thempasses Kogod horse, and some of them passes Kogod camels, and some of thempassing enemy man, even if the last of the man passes on the position of my thumb his feet and then Atkvo its path, and the path to refute status alone up the sword, it spinesKhsk Alguetad, on the edges of angels with hooks from fire abducted by people it isbetween Mar survivor among scratched survivor among Mikdosh in the fire, and the angels say Lord handed him, Wimmer man, the last people of Paradise incomes If it is permissible path lifting his door of paradise do not see him in paradise seats if looked at it he said: Lord, let me off here and says to him: in case you are the Onazeltk hereask me other says: No Your glory, Vinzelh, then lifted him in paradise homes Vihakrhim what I give, which sees and says: Lord, let me off there, he says: in case you arethe Onazeltk here to ask me the other, he says: No and Your glory, Vinzelh, then liftedhim in paradise until the fourth, if the fourth lifting him Vihakr him everything I Vskt notask anything; says: do not you ask him? He says: I asked even too embarrassed, God says: you like the world and ten-fold, “This is the most humble people of Paradisehouses. Said Abdullah bin Masood:” The Prophet, peace be upon him does not speakso only laughed even seemed Noajzh. “And Roy in the news“The women of the people of the world make them in paradise prefer to houris their work in El Dine,” aGod said unto Onconahn create, Fjalnahn virgins, Arabs Oturaba, for those on the right.
Date Published: Monday, August 27 / August 2012


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